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IGBT is a very important high-power device for 5G, and also the core device of energy transformation and transmission. In the field of power electronic devices, its importance is equivalent to "CPU". IGBT is also a national strategic emerging industry, widely used in rail transit, smart grid, aerospace, electric vehicles and new energy equipment. 

IGBT module of power electronic equipment has the characteristics of large power, high heat flux density and compact structure. However, the conductivity of water should be considered in the heat dissipation by liquid cooling plate. The deionization system with purification function should be used for ion exchange, which will increase the failure nodes. Besides, liquid cooling is not conducive to the improvement of safety, and there is also the problem of regular maintenance.

And heat sink with heat pipe can transfer the heat from the base to the IGBT heat sink fin evenly, which can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of high heat flux, not only high efficiency, but also compact structure, no moving parts, can really achieve maintenance-free, so IGBT heat pipe heat sink has been widely recognized by the industry users.

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