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Because of the particularity of the customer's products, sometimes the customer has some special requirements on the surface of the aluminum heat sink. For example, extruded aluminum heat sink, its surface corrosion resistance is not very strong, so sometimes the need for anodizing (blackening) for surface treatment to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the beauty of the aluminum.

The main process of anodized aluminum heat sink anodized process is as follows:

Surface pretreatment: clean the profile surface with chemical or physical methods, exposing the pure matrix, in order to obtain a complete, dense artificial oxide film. A mirror or matte surface can also be obtained mechanically.

Anodizing: for the profile pretreated on the surface, under certain technological conditions, anodizing occurs on the surface of the matrix, resulting in a dense, porous and adsorptive layer of AL203.

Seal the pores: seal the pores of the porous oxide film after anodizing , so that the anti-pollution, anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties of the oxide film are enhanced.Oxidation film is colorless transparent, the use of the strong adsorbability of the oxidation film before sealing the hole, adsorption deposit some metal salt in the film hole, can make the aluminum profile appearance appears ecru (silver-white) many other colors, such as: black, bronze, gold and stainless steel color.





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