A Surprising Alternative Production Method for Making Heat Sinks- Skived fin for 5G

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I always assumed that all aluminum heat sinks, with all of those fins, were either extruded or cast. And while both of those are common production methods, I just stumbled across this crazy-looking alternative method-skived fin

Customized skived fin heat sink is accepted:

Raw materials: aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, steel, iron, alloy

Finish: polishing, anodize, vacuum plating,sanding powder coating, silver plating

Machinery equipment: Skivied machine, CNC milling, turning machine, general milling, turning machine, grinding machine.

Skived fin heat sink factory Quality control: inspected by ISO 9001:2015

Small orders are accepted
Customized logo: accepted
Changing on material, mold, shape: accepted
Develop on artwork and sketch: accepted
Packing: accepted
Sample: accepted





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