Live:The Application and Development of AI in intelligent network optimization era

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live.PNG    HiCLC | Expert lecture hall Live topic:The Application and Development of AI in intelligent network optimizationera Live speakers: Wang Xi:Expert in mobile communication 11 years' experience in mobile communicationWorking in Carrier Wireless Optimization Center Engaged in research&applicationin Big Data&AI of network optimization Wang Mingmin: The leading of HUAWEI’s GTS field、Fellow、expert in network optimizationJoin HuaWei in 1999,19 years' experience Engaged in AI's application of Network planning and optimization Expert in CEM、3GPP、SQM、RF service、KQI Boutique network&SmartCare Chief architect Views 1. Global carrier practice - AI stimulates unlimited imagination 2. The collision of expectation and rationality - how to treat AI's application in intelligent network optimization era 3.Is AI a luxury of scientists 4. Upgrade technicalabilities and adapt to the future Click to watch:





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